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New possibilities as you journey with others 

Our Programmes help you see beyond the stories, challenges and constraints holding you back, as you journey shoulder to shoulder with a small group of people to achieve breakthrough in your life.

Key programme features
Fovea Insights Programme:   Focus on your future
Focus on your future

Embark on your own unique adventure to explore and see the extraordinary potential you already have.  Supported by a small cohort, transform what’s possible and see your dreams come to life.

Fits in with life

Our 16-week Fovea Insights Programme empowers you to choose where, when and how you engage in a safe online community space. The flexibility and intimacy of our fantastic platform is enhanced by optional regular video calls and may include in-person sessions.

Unlock your potential

Understanding yourself is a vital key to unlocking your future. Our approach is firmly rooted in personal transformation. We encourage you to engage in deep personal enquiries around what it takes to cause extraordinary things to happen in the world.

Fovea Oasis:   Focus on relationships
Focus on relationships

Step out together as a couple and unleash your impact on the world by transforming your relationship.  Identify and build on what’s special and unique about you, transcend differences, and create a powerful shared future.    

What's the approach?

Our 16-week Fovea Oasis brings together a small number of couples and typically includes three residential sessions of two days duration. These will be blended with our online community platform to continue the journey between residential sessions.

How do we do it?

Understanding yourself is a vital key to unlocking relationship transformation. We encourage you to engage in deep personal enquiries around what it takes to build powerful relationships that change the world around you.

Fovea Connections:   Focus on parenting
Focus on parenting

Propel your parenting to new heights and transform your impact on the next generation.  Celebrate who you are, what you have already achieved and create new possibilities for the future.

What's the approach?

Over the 16-weeks of Fovea Connections we’ll meet together for a minimum of 3 one-day sessions. The journey between sessions will utilise our excellent online community platform and include regular video calls.

How do we do it?

Connecting with ourselves enables us to more powerfully connect as a parent. We focus on engaging you in deep personal enquiries that allow you to see clearly what’s getting in the way of who you want to be as a parent. 

Fovea Programme foundations
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  • Discover how your context impacts every area of life

  • Gain fresh perspectives on what’s important to you

  • Understand the impact of how you listen and how you speak

  • Discover new insights on the responsibilities you carry through life

  • Build on the foundations of who God says you are

Your Journey
  • Learn how to identify and climb your ‘mountain’—the dreams or fears that seem overwhelming

  • Remind yourself how to dream

  • Understand the importance of choice in creating a future

  • Release the power of commitment

  • Grasp the importance of celebrating

  • Find out how to keep going

  • Gain fresh perspectives on the impact of listening to ourselves

  • Transform ‘problems’ by separating facts from interpretations

  • Discover why we keep doing things we know don't work

  • Understand how the story of our lives impacts the present but needn’t determine our future

  • Transform challenging relationships

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See beyond the stories, challenges and constraints holding you back.

Through new insights, tools and resources, transform your life to walk in the fullness of who you were born to be.

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