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The Story Behind Fovea

Our source

Hi, we’re Gary and Sharon Borland. We founded Fovea on our belief that God created us all to be incredible, that our barrier is often the stories we tell ourselves, and that the clearer we see who we were born to be, the closer we move to our purpose and potential.

We have seen in our own lives that when we behave differently, everything changes around us. We are all born to love and be loved, and want to see every person value themselves and be joyful in whatever they achieve.

Our journey

It was August 1991 when we got married. It had been almost 4 years since we’d met, and the future lay ahead of us. Excited, optimistic and confident, our dreams of an amazing relationship, progress in our careers and perhaps a family one day, all seemed within reach. It would be many years before we realised that to deeply connect with each other, we would first need to understand ourselves. And that was not going to be quick or easy!

In that first year of marriage our excitement gave way to frustration, and our dreams to disappointment as serious challenges surfaced. Our many arguments involved a lot of talking, not much listening and were normally focused on trying to be right. To most onlookers, we seemed to manage to paper over the cracks! Despite the challenges, we had many happy times over the years. 

We were blessed with two wonderful boys but parenting through our own insecurities and fears was a challenge at times. Our relationships, friendships, work, marriage and parenting itself could have been transformed had we been able to see different perspectives and find our focus.

We owe so much to the people who helped us gradually expose the self-imposed constraints we had placed on ourselves. Not believing we were good enough or valued, and not really liking ourselves began to come into focus. Realising that so many of our beliefs were actually interpretations and not facts, helped us see beyond them and unpack the stories that lay behind.

With the support of some great people, we had many insights that led us to deeper personal understanding. We began to see value in who we are, rather than what we can do. We no longer believed we had to keep proving ourselves or comparing ourselves with others. Our relationship is now so much stronger, our friendships deeper, and our commitment to help others find their focus is unwavering. 

Gary has the privilege of working with FirstHuman, Sharon volunteers for Flame International, and we volunteer separately and together with other organisations and individuals. We have the joy of helping people create and pursue seemingly impossible futures.  We continue to work on ourselves daily, knowing that more insight leads to more freedom.  


To us, the Journey is the destination.  


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Through new insights, tools and resources, transform your life to walk in the fullness of who you were born to be.

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