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As a Friend of Fovea starting your journey with one of our Programmes, you’ll benefit from Community coming-togethers, the tools and resources we create, and the content we share from our partners. On top of that, you’ll gain many personal rewards as you see beyond the stories, challenges and constraints holding you back.

New relationships

Share experiences, learn alongside others and develop trusting relationships with people who care for you and the Community

New freedoms

Be supported and support others in overcoming challenges, and step into levels of freedom you have never known before

New opportunities

Feel encouraged, motivated and inspired by your new focus and those beside you as new opportunities invite you forwards

Being in community
Discovering fresh perspectives
Your past

Through the Community’s ever-growing video, audio and written resources, explore with a different lens the experiences and stories of your past

The present

Through Community conversations, supported by Fovea resources, see more clearly who you really are and move closer to your purpose and potential

The future

Seeing beyond the stories, challenges and constraints that have been holding you back, embrace the unexplored possibilities of your future

Taking control
You choose

Take part in the Community in a way that works best for you. Choose resources and join conversations that speak to you and your journey

At your speed

Explore at a pace you feel comfortable with, supported but never pressured. Return to Friends and resources that offer you greatest courage

In a safe place

Experiment. Play. Feel proud to make mistakes and move forwards. Always within a safe environment, alongside those you feel comfortable with or more openly in the Community

Our vow

When we welcome you into the Fovea Community, you will be loved and accepted for who you are, wherever you are in life.

We will be there, shoulder to shoulder with you, as you learn to walk in the fullness of who you were born to be.

Whether you are facing a fear or pursuing a dream, we will be by your side, supporting you with new insights, tools and resources as you work to fulfill your purpose.

We will give you all we can to help you see beyond the stories, challenges and constraints holding you back. All we ask of you is to come as you are.


Gary and Sharon

What friends say

I was able to breakthrough a logjam of indecision about a significant decision in my life thanks to Gary’s counsel, so was excited to hear about Sharon and Gary’s vision. I am delighted to contribute and be part of the Fovea Community.

Mick Taylor
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See beyond the stories, challenges and constraints holding you back.

Through new insights, tools and resources, transform your life to walk in the fullness of who you were born to be.

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