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  • Sharon Borland

#4 Being in Community

People in community cause the seemingly impossible to happen. That has been our experience. Coming soon – The Fovea Community.

A third lockdown amid vast numbers of Covid infections saw Fovea preparation continue. Our hearts go out to all those affected and our gratitude to those tackling this on our behalf.

Working with wonderful people has made the Fovea journey so much more rewarding and fruitful. Yes, the design work, language support and website building have all brought fantastic levels of skill that we don’t have. But it’s the commitment and a real sense of journeying together that’s made this special. A sense of community. A massive thank you to Neil, Phil and Rob for your perspectives, support, expertise, patience, wisdom, counsel and just for being there for us.

The website’s nearly ready. Like a well-designed but empty house, the online community is waiting to be filled with content, people, flourishing relationships and powerful conversations. We have lots to share, and we look forward to what others in the community will bring. Our Fovea Facebook and Instagram profiles are next. Much preparation is needed to ensure the online community has the resources to get ready for launch. We love being outdoors enjoying the huge variety of terrain, colour, changing sky, reflections on water and so much more. Most of the online video resources we are creating will be done outdoors in places that provide so much inspiration for us. Lockdown and wet weather are making this a challenge, but challenges are there to be overcome!

One of the primary challenges we read about from those starting online communities is either that people come into an empty community – awkward; or nobody joins. Rational and irrational fears that, if left unchecked, could dominate the run up to launch. But we have a choice. Recognise the potential challenges and try to minimise the likelihood of them happening, or don’t commit until we’re certain. Experience tells us that nothing is ever certain and that the idea we are fully in control of anything is likely to be a delusion.

Talking of empty communities, if you would like to join Fovea in advance of the launch, we would love to have you in the community. Help us start great conversations and create a welcoming experience for anyone joining at launch and beyond. For now, it’s back to the preparation.


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