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  • Gary Borland

#8 Focus on Choice

Replacing ‘just how it is’, with ‘just how I see it’ opens up the opportunity to see new perspectives & introduce more choice in our lives.

As we’ve driven through the stunning countryside in Scotland, we’ve seen great beauty, wealth, and in some towns and villages, near poverty. And everything in between. The words wealth and poverty may conjure up a particular picture for you, which may relate to money, possessions, security of income for food and other essentials. Alternatively, mental and physical health and well-being may be really important elements of wealth or poverty. Or it could be a wide range of other things and different combinations. One person’s wealth in one area can be another’s poverty for example. Whatever it is, it’s likely to be significantly influenced by the environment or context - as we see it.

In previous blogs we’ve touched on the link between the outcomes or results we get and the actions we take. The environment or context that we see plays a major part in many of the actions we take. So, examining our environment is likely to open-up different perspectives that might lead to different actions and, ultimately, different results. Things often seem ‘just how they are’ to us, but closer examination can often reveal that it’s actually ‘just the way I see them’. By focusing on other ways to look at something, then I introduce more choice into my life – and with that choice, comes more growth and more freedom.

I know personally that I have to keep examining my thoughts and what’s coming out of my mouth. Not because someone’s told me to (although Sharon may suggest it occasionally), but because I find it keeps opening up new perspectives for me and helps me better understand and connect with other people. As I’m the only person who consistently shows up in every situation, focusing on myself is likely to give me the most helpful insights. The journey is the destination and I very much remain on that journey as a work in progress.

We’ve had some great conversations in the Fovea Community. Our environment or context seems to be a significant element in all of them. Some examples have been people expressing how difficult it can be to say ‘No’, or how easy to say ‘Yes’ when we feel obligated in some way. Others have been looking at how often we’re listening to ourselves rather than listening to what’s going on around us. How often we celebrate and what we celebrate has touched on the power of celebrating who we are, as much as what we’ve done.

What difference could it make to your life if you could open up new perspectives on things you previously decided were ‘just how it is’? Join us in the Fovea Community to explore this, and much much more.


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