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  • Gary Borland

#3 Inspired by Nature

We were free to roam. Our journey took us to the far reaches of Scotland and with it, came new perspectives. We had a name - Fovea.

The first lockdown was over, restrictions had been lifted and a sense of normality had returned. But sadly, not for those still impacted by Covid, some tragically. We decided that travelling North in our van in September would get us back in touch with the stunning beauty of Scotland while keeping transmission risk to ourselves and others quite low.

We had settled on the name Fovea. The fovea is an indentation at the back of the eye that produces the sharpest vision and greatest colour perception. Amazingly, for something that’s only 0.35mm across, it allows us to perform tasks where clear focus and detail are important, such as reading and driving.

What if we could focus with great clarity on different ways of looking at ourselves, other people and the world we live in? What if we focussed on what we didn’t yet know, rather than confirm what we think we already know? It’s been our personal experience that things change around us when we change. For too many years we had assumed that if only other people changed, then things would be different. It continues to amaze us to see what actually happens when we show up differently.

The 516 mile ‘North Coast 500’ starts at Inverness and takes in the very northerly parts of Scotland. We travelled the same distance again to get there, but it was fantastic. Our tour took us to stunning beauty, new perspectives and an increasing passion for unlocking extraordinary possibilities through powerful conversations. It’s been our experience that it’s in conversation that possibilities emerge, and it’s in community that those possibilities come alive.

Despite the relaxation, tranquillity and breath-taking beauty, the emotional reactions and unhelpful behaviours lurked just beneath the surface at times. When faced with the stresses of passing vehicles on a road seemingly designed for push bikes going in one direction, it was easy to notice when those unhelpful behaviours crept in (or leapt in). Easy to notice the other person’s behaviours, much more difficult to notice and acknowledge our own!!

We are all on a journey, sometimes multiple journeys at the same time. Without good preparation, fresh perspectives on how to set off on those journeys, and ways of tackling the inevitable challenges that lie ahead, overwhelming fears feel very close and dreams often remain out of reach. There will be much more on this inside the Fovea Community. We hope you’ll come and join us.


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