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  • Sharon Borland

#2 Lockdown Journey

What was our purpose? What mattered most to us? In the time it took for Covid to ravage large parts of the world, we had found our focus.

Creating the opportunity for lots and lots of people to overcome challenges and fulfil their dreams was at the heart of our passion. Social media seemed the obvious but daunting way to do that. The seed had been sown and with it the possibilities grew rapidly. Our understanding of online tools, resources and platforms was initially very limited, but that had to change quickly. With Covid restrictions still in place, we had the gift of time, and reflected on how fortunate we were, unlike so many others. This made us even more determined to put everything we had into bringing the possibilities to life.

This was a time of laying out the foundations before we started the real preparation for our journey. How clear do we need to be on our calling? How sure do we need to be about our purpose? We recalled prophetic words and inputs from friends and wove them together with our sense of what really mattered most to us. It was important that we didn’t rush ahead but build on strong foundations. Getting clear about what we were doing and why felt much more important than ‘how’. That would come later.

What emerged was a passion for people choosing to walk more fully in the promises of God. We are born to love and be loved, so being in community seemed important. We imagined somewhere that people could be free to express themselves, to share challenges and difficulties and be supported by others. Where fear gave way to possibility and constraint gave way to choice. This wasn’t something we could do on our own, but rather something a community of people could do. We could catalyse it by setting up a platform that would become the beating heart of countless transformations. Through accessing fresh perspectives and using different tools and resources, transformed people could transform the lives of others and the world around them.

There was lots of research, discussion and debate as our new adventure took shape. We stopped on many occasions to remind ourselves of what we have learned over the years and why we were doing this. Noticing how easy it was during challenging discussions for our behaviour to deteriorate was an ongoing reminder of the benefits of self-reflection. When we stop noticing, we stop learning.


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