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  • Gary Borland

#10 The Power of Change

Knowing where we are heading doesn’t mean we’re going in the direction we intended.

The Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu once said: “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”. One of the challenges is that you may not know where you are heading and therefore you may not know whether to change. Paralysis could be one outcome, or the change may damage or destroy what you already have. In situations like these, a great place to focus is to ask: ‘What’s important to me in my life?’ If you’re not heading towards what you believe is important, then you have a choice. Choices in the face of uncertainty can take courage. But weighing the choices can be helped by getting clear about what’s important to you, seeking the counsel and wisdom of others and then taking a decision to commit, even in the face of uncertainty.

It’s been over a month since we launched the Fovea Online Community and thanks to the support and contributions of a group of people who joined us on the journey, we've been able to analyse the way the Community has been operating over that short time. Our focus has always been to see people move beyond the stories, challenges and constraints holding them back. How we set up and use the Community is key to enabling people to see breakthroughs and transformations in their lives.

Having tried what could be described as a 'lightly guided self-help' approach in an open Community, we felt that the amount, breadth and depth of the content required a more structured approach than the current model could deliver. To address this and ensure that are we creating a powerful environment for people to work on personal breakthroughs and transformation, we closed the online Community in its current form to allow us to move to a more guided approach.

Rather than one single open online Community, people will work in smaller, more intimate groups of 8-12 people who will come together over a 4-month period in a private area of a revised Community. Each group will experience a more designed, guided journey over the 4 months. The advantages of this approach include more tailoring to the needs and make up of each small group, and also the opportunity to run groups with a particular focus, such as leadership. Teams or people who know one another can also form their own group. We're calling this the Fovea Insights Programme.

The programme will run in modules with everyone in the group focusing together on the same topics using a building block approach. This isn't a course of instruction with specific work to complete, but rather a guided personal enquiry. Participants can put more and more of their insights into practise day-to-day and benefit from the ongoing support of their group.

We expect to be launching the first group in early September and then successive groups with a gap of approximately 2-3 months. If you’re interested in further exploring how the Fovea Insights Programme could benefit you, your team or someone you know, please do get in touch.


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