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  • Sharon Borland

#6 First Week in the Online Community

We hope the Community has created an environment where many people can flourish and grow. In what ways do you shape your environment?

We’re delighted to have launched and had a number of people join the online Community. I imagine for some people it might be a bit daunting joining an online community – especially if you’ve not done something like this before (which we hadn’t!). It’s been such a privilege to see our Friends not only come into the Community, but also start to engage in ‘online chat’ that we hope builds into life transforming conversations in the future.

As we finalise this blog, we are sitting in our motorhome enjoying some beautiful Scottish scenery. We were at home for the first few days after launch to make sure we were fully available to sort out any unexpected issues – fortunately, everything seems to have gone fairly smoothly. After a period of working full-time on planning and developing Fovea to this point, we’re really excited to be dipping in and out of the Community regularly, catching up and contributing to conversations. We hope many others will do the same over time.

We are a central part of our environment. So much of our life flows from what we can see and what we cannot see. The actions we take and the outcomes we get are all linked to that environment, so it determines what we see as possible and not possible, and ultimately, shapes our future. If we want to see different outcomes, we’re unlikely to see them if we keep doing the same things – or put another way, taking the same actions. So, if the environment or context shapes our actions and our actions shape our results, examining our environment or contexts is likely to open up new perspectives and new choices.

Exploring our environment is just one of the topics we discuss inside the Fovea Community. In the coming weeks, Gary and I will be focused on our personal contribution to creating an environment for individuals in the Community to flourish and grow.

Why not join others to help you explore how to shape your environment and start to transform the future.


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