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  • Sharon Borland

#49 Enquire About Enquiries

Time is the opportunity. Time is the enemy.

There seem to be many parts to my transformation: a greater understanding of how much God loves me and who He made me to be; gathering new knowledge about what impacts my development (including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development); and the support of many people, especially close friends and family. But perhaps most of all it’s been taking the time and having the curiosity to examine myself - my past, my present experiences and my hopes for the future.

There was a time when I more often noticed elements of fear about examining myself and my life. Those fears still arise occasionally, but their impact is minimal. Perhaps I wouldn’t like what I discovered or, even more significantly, who I discovered. I’ve come to realise over time that there really was nothing to fear. At the heart of the journeys we are on is self-retrieval. Finding me. When the stories, the conditioning, the expectations, the disappointments and the challenges start to get peeled back, what emerges is the extraordinary, uniquely created person you were born to be.

Much of my journey was impacted to varying degrees by my capacity – or otherwise – to bring language to what I was experiencing and what was going on for me. Understanding our emotions is influenced by how we interpret and label what we experience, so being able to bring language to differentiate those experiences is a really important part of our journey. This takes practise, but is so, so worthwhile.

How to enquire?

Creating space for an enquiry is a gift to yourself. Being intentional, purposeful and committed are requirements to be in an enquiry. The idea that we don’t have enough time is worthy of an enquiry all on its own. There is time all around us. In the car, in the shower, during work breaks and so on. We have spoken a fair bit about time in some of our earlier blogs. If we have no choice whatsoever in how we spend our time, then we have no freedom. The list of reasons why we have no freedom can be a way of not taking responsibility. And there is no freedom without responsibility.

So, what’s the list of ‘ten top tips’ for personal transformation? Where are the soundbites – the things that will change everything if we just do them? Self-improvement seems to me to be very different from self-enquiry. The former invariably involves quick fixes, things you ‘should do’, ways you ‘should be’, some quotes to motivate and so on. There is nothing wrong with any of those things – but have a look at all the ones you’ve seen or tried over the years. How many of those have changed your life for the better in a sustainable way?

So here are some of the ways that will create the space for a deep, personal enquiry and open up transformation in your life:

  • Create time to be with yourself

  • Create time to think

  • Create time to notice what you are experiencing

  • Create time to write it down

  • Create time to reflect on what you’re noticing

  • Create time to create more time

It sounds so simple – and it is simple. Simple doesn’t always mean easy. If you’re really serious about walking in the fullness of who you were born to be – create time. The payback is peace, fulfilment, joy and much, much more.


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